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We are a full-service facility, which means we perform:

  • Scheduled and Maintenance Services
  • Air Conditioning and Heating Services
  • Electrical Services - including batteries, starters and alternators
  • Brake Services (ABS and standard) - we turn drums and rotors, too
  • Driveline Services - axles and wheel bearings
  • Engine Cooling Services - belts, hoses, water pumps, coolant flushes
  • Engine Mechanical Repair
  • Engine Performance Maintenance - tune-ups, "check engine" lights, fuel pumps
  • Exhaust System Services - mufflers, catalytic converters, pipes
  • Suspension Services - struts, shocks, control arms, linkages
  • Tire Services - mounting and balancing
  • Transmission Services - including a complete system flush using the T-Tec*system

*The T-TEC machine connects to your transmission cooler lines and flushes the old transmission fluid while replacing it with the new fluid. This method is far superior to the more common manual method that often leaves significant amounts of the old fluid in your system and has potential environmental impacts due to spillage.

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